New Earth Festival

Holistic and New Age Festival

Tom Bevill Center (UAH Campus)

550 Sparkman Drive


May 24 & 25 2014

Saturday: 10 a.m.-7 p.m.

Sunday: 10 a.m.-6 p.m.

Admission $5 per day (under 16 free)                                                  “Huntsville’s Premier Metaphysical Event”

Professional Psychics, Healers, and Vendors From Around the Nation


AURA Camera, Essential Oils, Natural Bath Products, Spirit Artist,

Reiki / Stone Healing, Chair Massage will be at this show. Also,

Frank the “Book Man”will be there with hundreds of

Metaphysical/ Spiritual / Conspiracy, etc. books, crystals, incense, tarot cards,

Jewelry, mystical figurines, shirts, tapestries, drums, dragons/faeries.


Lectures Both Days

See Below 



Lecture List





12:00   Near Death Experience – Cycles of Death – Mental-Emotional-Spirtual

               By: Twilah Nickens Ph.D.


1:00                International Psychic, LaMont Hamilton will be performing a FREE Psychic    Gallery Reading, which is doing mini-readings for the audience, so bring your  questions and be prepared for a roller coaster ride of fun and excitement as he  answers your questions lighting fast and accurately. During a Gallery reading   LaMont is drawn from one person to the next with psychic messages from each person’s Spirit Guides or loved ones who have passed into the Spirit realm. Either way it will be an afternoon to remember!




3:00    Discovering Personal Signs in Nature and Reality

            By: Bob Tidwell




4:00    Karmic Benefits of Hand Analysis

           By:  Silver Shaman


5:00    Techniques on Getting Rid of Negativity and Unwanted Guests

           By: Walter Rice





1:00     What is Ego and How it Effects Us and Others

            By: Twilah Nickens Ph.D.


2:00    Light Fusion Therapy

            By: Mike Broadwell


3:00    Karmic Benefits of Hand Analysis

           By: Silver Shaman


4:00    Forms of Protection – Amulets, herbs, potions, spells, psychic

                        Why we need them and how to use them.

           By: Walter Rice           



Vendors and Readers are as follows:


Mystic Forest – Frank “The Book Guy” Books, tarot cards, incense, etc.

Bonnie & Gary Cardinal – Aura Camera – Rocks- Gems- Ionic Foot Bath

Connie Laster - Reflexology

Judy Braswell - Reiki

Lil - Cymatic Healer

Estell Camelion - Etheric Portraits and Poetry

Nancy Chandler - Shadows & Light

Susan Halloran – Chair Massage

Mike Broadwell – Fusion Light Therapy

LaMont Hamilton- Reader

Silver Shaman- Reader

Anne Cleve – biofeedback & Heart Rate Variability Scans

Nancy Chandler – Shadows and Light

Terri McDaniel – Books, Drawings etc

Walter Rice- Reader

Twilah Nickens- Reader

April Blu- Reader

Angela Williams - Reader

Julielle- Reader

Diana Ray - Reader

Will Hoffpauir-Reader

.Katherine Ross- Reader